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      Hi, I'm Steve Hehir and I founded 308designs in 2017 when I realized there were not many good alternatives to the standard boring Apple Watch bands. I saw that it would be much more convenient and comfortable to have an elastic band that could slip over your wrist. 

      I wanted to make fun and colorful patterned bands that could match anyone's unique style. I also made sure our bands were the most comfortable option available and be the perfect fit for anyone's wrist. 

      I was working as an automotive engineer and started this as a side business, doing all aspects of the business myself until I committed to it full time and moved to St. Petersburg Florida where I found several other fantastic individuals to add to the team. It has been very important to me to make sure our products are crafted with quality and that customers get the best experience possible. Our bands are made to order same day and shipped the next day from here in Florida. 


      Photography, Social Media, and Customer Care - Rachel Shook


      Production and Order Fulfillment - Nihad Basic and Finzeta Basic, Master Tailors